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The Clearing Process for Professionals

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A person who is dragging around a lifetime of unacknowledged perpetrations (lies, withholds, deceits, abuses) into each communication, into each activity, cannot be certain if/when their karma will kick in (all agree karma timing is always perfectly appropriate). Most every adult believes they've gotten away with their teenage perpetrations. This is called arrogance. Arrogance begs to be humbled* —it's one of the final confronts when mastering communication, therefore life.

* Humbled — Part of the curriculum in support of completing ones experience of arrogance and ego includes a specific, usually untimely, consequence. The mind unconsciously intends an accident, a job loss, a marriage failure, a serious health problem, or a wakeup-call sometimes referred to as "crashing and burning." There are no exceptions to this phenomenon. Most everyone arrogantly ignores the effects of their out-integrities—to dismiss the consequences of say, a verbal abuse (to not clean it up), is referred to as covert sabotage, of the recipient of the abuse, of oneself, one's organization, and one's mission.

For example: Seldom does someone in the process of destroying their marriage think to consult a communication-skills coach. Why? It has to do with self-righteousness and arrogance, that, and they don't want to have to acknowledge that they are the source of, the cause for, the breakdown in communication; such is ones addiction to blaming. They don't want to have to acknowledge to a witness (a coach) that they started the friction with their first deceit.  It's often the financial devastation of a divorce, a lost job, a health problem**, etc. —a circumstance that prompts one to seek support. In truth, most divorced people hide from themselves the conversation (it's always a specific incident, place, date, time) after which they began masterminding the divorce (often to include setting it up to have their partner cheat on them or to manipulate him/her into initiating the divorce). Couples who are not committed to communicating openly, honestly, and spontaneously, zero significant thoughts withheld, do not share that first thought verbally; they are unconscious. The mind is so cluttered with perpetrations it can't even see its own intentions clearly.

** Ones very first perpetration affected their aliveness—they immediately didn't feel good about themselves; when one collects too many incompletes it begins to affect their results and looks,*** then their very health—eventually the results and health of those around them.

Before one's first lie they looked innocent and wholesome—after more successes they begin to look deceptive, sneaky, and untrustworthy; eventually they look angry, shutdown and unapproachable.

A professional needs to be clear about responsibility.

It's not as though a pilot's unacknowledged lies, broken agreements, or abusive communications to his/her spouse cause a crash; it's merely that a person who has put in (restored) their integrity can eliminate the possibility that any unacknowledged out-integrity contributed to a failure. Put another way, a pilot who crashes (and survives) inevitably wonders if it had anything to do with the fact that they were cheating on their spouse at the time, had cheated on a test, or had lied on their résumé. A perpetration acknowledged with the intention to disappear its karma is said to be complete.

Thank you. You have completed the Overview for Professionals.

Free coaching available for leaders/managers/supervisors on how to be a safe space for truths to be told (perpetrations to be acknowledged). Prerequisite: The Clearing Process (it's free and it works). Then post your concerns/questions on the Message Board.

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