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Privacy Policy

We have no reason to contact you therefore we do not require your name.

When you register (free) for The Clearing Process Message Board you may use an alias user name, however, your email address must be valid so as to deter spamming.

When you post a clearing on The Clearing Process Message Board the moderator posts a reply confirming that they got your communication. Depending upon your forum profile setting you may opt to receive an email notification that your post has been acknowledged by the moderator.

We reserve the right to delete any post we think is abusive or inappropriate.

If you wish to communicate or comment about the process (any communication that does not require a response) please use our Message Drop (free - registration required)

We reserve the right to post emails addressed to the webmaster on our Message Drop if we deem that the content is not related to link/site corrections.

Can I be traced?  Yes, it is possible for the FBI to run a trace. My guess is that it would cost them conservatively about $50,000 to trace you. Your thoughts and activities are not likely to be important to them. They would have to contact your Internet Service Provider and ask for a log of that day's activities. In other words, when you leave a post on anyone's forum or message board you leave a hidden trail. Most always the trail is one of a set of randomly assigned numbers your ISP's software assigns you each time you connect. For all practical purposes this IP number is not easily traceable. ISP providers do not release such information to non-law enforcement people.

If you wish you may log on to http://www.anonymizer.com/index.shtml and use their free service to post a message that will leave only their IP number with us. As far as I know this is virtually untraceable for us.

If you wish a response to a post please use our Message Board (free - registration required)

If you have a thought or consideration that is extremely personal you may use our Confidential Mail Form. Content shared via this form, as explained, is viewed and "gotten" by a communication consultant (no questions please).


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