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Clearing Process for Professionals

Here's a few clues to help you determine if you are a professional:

All supervisors, educators, managers, public servants, legal and law enforcement personnel, nurses-doctors-mental health personnel, military service personnel, and all spouses are professionals.

Some examples:

  • As a spouse/homemaker you have an implied agreement to be responsible (cause) for the success (happiness, health & prosperity) of your partner—you are a professional; your integrity and leadership-communication skills affect all outcomes for all family members. Those around you mirror your integrity; there are no exceptions to this entanglement phenomenon.
  • The spouse of a SEAL team member is a professional. She inspires and coaches her spouse in support of the integrity of the relationship and of the entire Naval Special Warfare community. As within the law enforcement profession a spouse's leadership-communication skills determine whether adultery (with its possible mission-related karma) takes place within their community.
  • As an educator you are responsible for communicating subject matter and for ensuring that peers, students, and parents, honor all agreements—homework/reports turned in neatly and on time.
  • If you know someone in the service you might have some sense that your personal integrity affects them and their mission outcomes—you don't have to understand how it works, just that you're willing to entertain the possibility. The truth is we can't eliminate the remote possibility that a job "accident" might have been a consequence of an out-integrity (even the integrity of someone at home). Among a team/crew operating from integrity a plane crash can simply be a plane crash and definitely not a karmic consequence of someone cheating on his her spouse, of someone withholding (hiding) a perpetration.

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