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The Clearing Process for Professionals


The Clearing Process supports one in being clear about his/her intentions and in manifesting their stated intentions. It's an opportunity to restore one's integrity back to toddler-like squeaky clean (without guilt, admonishments or penances).

The word stated reminds us that there are stated intentions and seemingly unwanted "accidental" intentions (unconscious results). All results are produced via ones leadership-communication skills. A result other than the one envisioned reveals a lie. An applicant to become a Navy SEAL who doesn't complete the BUD/S training successfully was in fact not clear about his intention. He honestly believed his want was an intention. This lack of clarity is partly a consequence of carrying around a lifetime of incompletes; an incomplete clouds the mind, it serves as a barrier to clarity, to communication, and to manifesting ones stated intentions.

Typically, a significant percentage of BUD/S applicants fail to complete the training successfully. Most everyone (Cadre/Instructors included) manufacture reasons (excuses) for the failure. A reason is never ever the truth. If a BUD/S Instructor is dragging around unacknowledged childhood perpetrations (lies, deceits, abuses) he cannot hear certain lies of others; he sometimes lies, he doesn't always mean what he says. I.e. A leader who is clear about responsibility simply doesn't cause subordinates to offer excuses or reasons. If a reason is solicited/offered, the lie requires that both the leader and the subordinate set up life to have it "happen" again so as to learn how to tell the truth about his/her outcomes.

One who is clear about his/her intentions apply for an endeavor because they intend to succeed. A BUD/S Applicant, whose mind is clouded with life's incompletes, cannot see clearly. Only upon failure can he see that he truly did know, upfront, that he had no intention to graduate. What he discovers (by unconsciously setting it up to "fail") is that there are other things he needs to handle first—specifically, he needs to restore (put in) his integrity.

When a BUD/S Instructor is whole and complete, operating from integrity, he can experience the out-integrity of another; he might not know exactly what's wrong but he knows something is out, something is not right about a Trainee who's hiding something. In truth, the Trainee is not whole and complete; he is relatively shut down and bound up; his communications (verbal, non-verbal, physical, and psychic) are inconsistent with his stated intention—to graduate.  Candidates who first do The Clearing Process for Professionals will discover if in fact it is their intention to graduate from BUD/S.

A leader who is out-integrity can't be certain if a failed mission (an undesirable outcome) has something to do with an incomplete, perhaps an unacknowledged childhood perpetration. Intention as applies to educators.

Here's more about the effects of communication breakdowns. (Here's a must-read: A Story About Military Academy Scandals).

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