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Clearing Process for Professionals (best viewed with a lap or desktop monitor)

The Clearing Process for Professionals was originally designed to support the success of BUD/S Applicants (those applying to become trainees in the U.S. Navy's Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Team Training Program). This free process supports any professional in being clear about their intentions; it supports one in manifesting his/her stated intentions. As applies to BUD/S Applicants, the process acknowledges the correlation between the personal integrity of each active, ex, retired, and all family members of the entire Naval Special Warfare community and all outcomes.  —Kerry

The significant difference between this Clearing Process for Professionals and The Clearing Process (for beginners) is the higher level of confront for professionals.

Professionals are asked to read the four Pro-Topics listed in the box to the left—because, professionals, as leaders, have accepted responsibility for the results they produce for themselves and for those around them. 

The Pro-Topics create a context appropriate for those such as BUD/S Applicants (U.S. Navy SEAL Team applicants) and the entire Naval Special Warfare command including their spouses, and all other professionals; reading the Pro-Topics will optimize the benefits for anyone doing The Clearing Process.

Professionals, if after reading the Pro-Topics, you are willing to accept responsibility for the results you produce for yourself and those around you press Overview pg. 1 (You are not yet agreeing to do or to complete the process.)

If you are not a professional then press the Instructions button to see if you might like to do The Clearing Process.

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