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The Clearing Process for Professionals

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Highly skilled professionals such as Navy SEALs, pilots, and surgeons are playing at the level of excellence. All have entered into a realm where they begin to notice that their personal integrity affects performance, outcomes, missions, and goals—not only for themselves but for all with whom they relate.

As one approaches mastery they give up the option of blaming others, or mechanical malfunctions, or outside causes for failures; they begin to examine other possibilities, specifically, the correlation between ones integrity and outcomes.

Any communication mastery curriculum begins with the willingness to create and maintain a foundation of integrity (beginning with acknowledging life's accumulated perpetrations—all lies, withholds, abuses, and deceits). It's about creating a context where people know that you can be trusted to tell the truth, acknowledge abuses, and to honor agreements.

The Clearing Process is about cleaning up (acknowledging) life's perpetrations, disappearing if you will, the karma of (the effects of) hundreds, if not thousands of incompletes, so as to create space for communication to take place and to manifest one's stated intentions.

Some examples as to why you might want others to do a clearing:

— Would you want your brain surgeon to be cheating on his/her spouse? Why not? Because at some level you know that our integrity affects our outcomes, that, and you know there are undesirable/unpredictable karmic consequences for deceits and un-renegotiated broken agreements.

— If you had a choice would you choose a pilot who cheated on a high school exam and has hidden it from everyone (deceit) or one who is in-integrity (whole and complete—life's perpetrations acknowledged)?

— Would you want a SEAL team buddy who has one or more lies or omissions on his Application Form or has broken financial agreements or one who is in-integrity? The wife of a Navy SEAL knows that her integrity somehow affects the team's outcomes. While there is no research to prove such things have an effect we intuitively know they do.

— A computer programmer can't afford to have pirated (unpaid-for) software/music on his/her computer, else they can’t be certain that malfunctions have absolutely nothing to do with his/her personal integrity. A house, a computer, or a car with stolen parts is said to be out-integrity.  The integrity of a person, an organization, or physical objects affects performance.*

The inevitable curriculum for all professionals (those intent on mastery) is to clean up the past. This is done through a series of clearing communications. The negative karma from all perpetrations can be disappeared through clearing (communication).

* Press Button to read a 2-minute story about a house that was out-integrity.

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