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Clearing Process for Professionals


Confront:  To cause to meet, bring face-to-face. To be with through to comfortableness.

For example: For some people the words cunt, prick, cock, and fuck are uncomfortable to utter, hear, or read. To master intercourse one must be comfortable with all words. Any word that's uncomfortable to say, hear, or read is said to have a charge for the person; the person is said to be at effect of the word (they have no choice other than to react). Most children are admonished to not use such words and when they do they are often punished/made-wrong. Unfortunately the admonishment can cause the child to automatically react self-righteously—in defense of, or against, swearing—for life.

Communication disappears the charge so that the words cock and spaghetti produce the same response. No blushing, no self-righteous judgment, no nothing; they have no charge, no right or wrong. There are wonderful communication exercises that free one from automatic reactions—for life.

Another example: Through a series of conversations I confronted my addiction to yelling and to making anyone who yells wrong, and my fear of being yelled at. Now I can even choose to yell if I wish (before I had no choice, yelling was an automatic reaction). Now I no longer self-righteously make myself or someone who is yelling wrong.  Coincidentally, the conversations with my parents that brought about this change supported my father in completing dozens of incompletes having to do with anger; he has not yelled at me or my mother since our conversations.  It seems as though I now have the ability to both get his communications and to create space for him to yell and so he has no need to raise his voice in anger and frustration. 

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