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How to use The Clearing Process

  • Read this page of instructions, tips, and notes.

  • Read the Sample Clearing.

  • Read the FAQs.

  • Register to use the Message Board (free).

  • Begin Clearing.

Note: If you are returning to clear again please note that two steps have been added to the process.

Steps 1 - 6

  1. Compose your clearing on your PC using your word processor application in one session (as opposed to writing a bit and then adding to it later).

  2. Copy-paste your clearing to The Clearing Process Message Board.

  3. After you have posted it read your clearing out loud to yourself. As you read it out loud you will probably find/hear errors—please leave them, again, spontaneity is more important.

  4. The moderator will read (acknowledge/get) your posted clearing.

  5. The moderator will then manually delete your clearing from the message board and hard drive and then place an X in your Subject field.

  6. Then you will manually delete all traces of your clearing from your PC.

This new procedure supports the conscious-you separating your "self" from your mind. It adds an auditory dimension so that you hear your mind's creations and then together we disappear your thoughts (both the moderator and you delete your clearing) so that those specific thoughts no longer exist as agents capable of unconscious actions (i.e. a knee-jerk angry reaction) you are no longer attached to them.


1) After you have read this page and the Sample Clearing and the FAQs click on Begin Clearing. A new browser window will open. It will take you to the Message Board Registration Form (it's free—only an alias and your email address are required). You'll still have these instructions in the background.

2) Once you submit your Message Board Registration you will receive an email containing a link to activate your registration.  While waiting for your activation email you can compose your first clearing on your PC's word processor application (MS Word, Note Pad, EditPad, etc.). Write spontaneously whatever comes to mind. Empty your mind. Don't worry about spelling, punctuation, or grammar—swearing, blaming & bad-mouthing, is allowed. Don't correct or edit it so as to look good, nice, or smart.

3) On the Message Board Index select The Clearing Process and log in by entering the alias username and password you chose.

4) Click "NewTopic." For the Subject enter your alias user name Clearing #1.  [i.e. "Kerry's Clearing #1"] without quotes.  Copy-paste your clearing from your PC to The Clearing Process Message Board. 

5) Once you have posted your clearing, read it out loud to yourself (with no one listening).

6) The Clearing Process moderator will read and acknowledge your clearing, "Hi ___. Thank you. I got it." and, then the moderator will manually delete your clearing.

7) When you see that the moderator has acknowledged and deleted your clearing and has placed an X in the Subject field you must then delete the clearing from your PC.

8) Return the next day and repeat the process with "_____'s Clearing #2." After you have posted your clearing read it out loud to yourself. Again the moderator will read and get (acknowledge) your clearing and reply with "Hi ___ , I got it. Thank you." Then, you and the moderator will delete the content of your clearing.

9) Repeat the process (one clearing per day for five days in a row). Watch and see what happens after each clearing. The more candid and honest the more value you'll create. Used daily, beginning with the prerequisite five-days in a row, the process will produce ever-expanding value. It's possible that the moderator will notice that you have only scratched the surface, intuitively knowing that the average person has many more incompletes than you have shared so far. For example: If you wish to do a free tutorial or consult the moderator might ask for five more clearings so as to ensure the integrity between yourself and the coach (all breakdowns in communication between two contain one or more thoughts being withheld, or there is an unacknowledged perpetration in the space). Put another way, if you're not completely honest during your clearings then you will cause a breakdown in communication during a tutorial or consultation.

10) Upon completing your five clearings return in a few days and, using the Message Drop, post a brief acknowledgement of the value we (you and I) co-created. Acknowledgment expands upon the value, it completes our relationship, and creates space for even more value. A nice acknowledgment is a donation (optional).

Tip 1 If you are presently involved in deceit or abuse (say, choosing to continue to deceive or to abuse or be abused) and cannot bring yourself to clean it up then The Clearing Process will not produce the desired results. Abuse hereafter will be premeditated with its appropriate karma.

Tip 2 The most value to be gotten from clearing is to recall and share your very first lie, your very first theft, your first upset (temper tantrum), the very first time you did something sneaky, the very first time you cheated, the very first time you were abusive to another; if you have not been acknowledged* for these firsts then they are stored (occupying space) in the back of your mind as incompletes**If you can't recall a first incident, from which patterns (actual neural pathways) were formed (unconscious decisions were made), then begin by recalling and sharing your second, third, and all subsequent incidents. Or, begin with your most recent (such as yesterday's upset/perpetration) and work your way back in time. Read Reunion Conversations (if you read each page it will trigger memories of incompletes).

* Most always when a parent acknowledges you for a perpetration they do it in such a way as to add to the guilt, shame, or remorse you may already be experiencing; they often punish you which compounds the bad feeling; it seldom ends up mutually satisfying. Such an attempt at acknowledgment produces an incomplete. When a verbal, non-verbal, or physical abusive punishment is delivered the mind, to be right, will spend its time (and rightly so) thinking about the abusive delivery of the punishment instead of reflecting on what you were really up to, your cause in the incident.

** An incomplete is any interaction that was not mutually satisfying. Remember, what you're looking for is unacknowledged perpetrations and withholds, things you have hidden from others or even yourself, to include situations in which you set it up for another to deceive/abuse you.

For example: Angry outbursts are normal; what completes such an incident for you and the other is when you later acknowledge, or elicited an acknowledgment. i.e. "I get that my yelling at you today didn't feel good" or, "I'd like to hear from you that you know that yelling at me didn't feel good" (no apology or other words are required or needed). To not insist upon an acknowledgment is to cause all future abuses.

Tip 3 Do the mini-tutorial (About Lies and Lying) —it will trigger memories of unacknowledged perpetrations.

Tip 4 After your first clearing (your first post) come back here and re-read everything; it will make more sense the second time around. Re-reading this will remind you to look for your firsts as you post Clearing #2, etc.

Tip 5 Do not use your company computer to do the clearings unless— 1) You are the boss. 2) You have the boss's permission to use the company's PC for personal use. Committing a perpetration to acknowledge prior perpetrations will compound the undesirable consequences. 

Note #1 Use the Message Drop to deliver comments, feedback, or suggestions (no questions). Once you have completed your initial five clearings you may then use the Message Board to ask a question. The same username and password works for both Message Boards and The Clearing Process (free registration required).

Note #2  All posts are read and gotten (acknowledged) and manually deleted by the moderator. By agreement, nothing is done with them, no comments or advice about any subject however, the moderator may refer you back to the instructions so as to optimize your remaining clearings.

Note #3 Do not ask questions or use The Clearing Process as a means of delivering communications to the moderator. For example: If you acknowledge in a clearing that you have murdered someone, the moderator is honor-bound to not address the subject of murder in tutorial conversations until you bring it up in a Tutorial/Message Board post.

Note #4 The Clearing Process works to the degree that you are willing to communicate openly, honestly, and spontaneously. To choose to lie or deceive (including withholding thoughts) adds to the uncertainty of whether undesirable results are a consequence of your integrity or simply the effects of your leadership-communication skills.

Note #5 If your perpetrations are legally serious—murder, rape, felony, etc.. go here first.

Note #6 Can I start and quit? Yes. Even though a single clearing will ultimately produce value, the reason behind the recommended "one clearing per day for five days in a row" is because of the way the mind layers experiences on top of each other.

For example: As a child you were probably sent to your bedroom after committing a perpetration. You then cried yourself to sleep. You woke the next morning and neither parent acknowledged his/her abusive communication, (didn't complete the incident for you) and, you had almost forgotten the incident. This is referred to as putting unconsciousness (sleep) on top of an incomplete. When you attempt to recall such an incident (and any other incident/upset you handled by going to sleep) you will come up with, "Nothing's there," "Nothing comes up," "I can't think of anything else." This is because the incomplete is hidden under layers of unconsciousness (sleep). To recall such an incident you must acknowledge all the other incompletes that are hiding it—especially the thought, "That's all I can think of for now."

Once you post Clearing #1 it creates space for other thoughts that were suppressed (hidden from your mind) to come to the surface. If you quit, say after post #3 (often because you're beginning to not feel good about yourself), it's possibly because the closer you get to the biggie, the one that's been hidden under the other thoughts, (the specific incident that's say, the source of your lying throughout life) the more your mind wants to protect itself from the realization of just how unethical or irresponsible or abusive it (your mind) has been, so it talks you into quitting using the well established "quitting" neuron pathway. Not to worry, if you're intent on having life work, you'll return and begin again (doing 5 days in a row) or, you'll find another way, therapy, counseling, or journaling, to complete the work.

Note #7 The Clearing Process is an excellent predictor for a life partner. If you invite someone to do The Clearing Process for Couples with you and they decline you'll know they are hiding something.  Most importantly, you'll see that they are not willing to be contributed to.  For example: "Here, read this book," "Wear these colors," "Try this food," "Let's take dance classes." Instead, your invitation might trigger an abusive criticism of the process such as, "That's a bunch of New-Age touchy-feely crap!" A partner in a 5-year loveless marriage has little hope of being able to have his/her partner do The Clearing Process with them; whatever respect there was at the beginning is hidden under the unresolved breakdowns in communication

Important: Complete your five clearings in a row before you invite another to do The Clearing Process for Couples. Also, your partner must first do The Clearing Process before you do The Clearing Process for Couples together.

Press the Sample button to get a sense of what a clearing looks like.

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