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The Clearing Process

. . . an empty mind is a beautiful experience.

The Clearing Process is a free educational communication exercise. It's about clearing your mind of thoughts, considerations, unacknowledged perpetrations, regrets and guilt—the stuff that gets in the way of the experience of communication, of seeing the truth, and of manifesting the results you say you want, of getting and being gotten.

It's about restoring/maintaining your integrity, starting over, wiping the slate clean. The Clearing Process is similar to "confession" without the negative effects of advice/admonishments/penances.

Concerned about anonymity? Click Anonymouse and enter (copy-paste) "" (without quotes) and you'll be returned to this page so as to begin the process. Read Anonymouse Tip.

If you consider yourself to be a professional press the Clearing Process for Professionals button—you may also click it to read about our definition of professional. If you don't consider yourself to be a professional, click the Instructions button.

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