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Begin The Clearing Process

Clicking here takes you to the Registration Form so that you can post your clearings on The Clearing Process message board. These instructions will remain in the background.

Registration for the Message Boards is free: You may use an alias username.

Once you submit your registration for the message boards you will receive an email containing a link to activate your registration, after which you may immediately begin posting on the The Clearing Process message board.

To begin clearing select "NEWTOPIC" Subject: "alias user name's Clearing #1."

For example: Subject: Kimo's Clearing #1.

The Clearing Process facilitator will acknowledge your post after which you can then post Clearing #2. Continue posting until you've complete one clearing per day for five days in a row.

Once you have registered for the Message Boards you may also use the Message Drop to post a comment, or use the Message Board to ask a question. Press Contact for logistic/admin concerns.

Click the Begin Clearing button to register (it's free)

Message Board
Here's where you post your clearings.

Free, registration required

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