Womb-mails—emails for expectant parents

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Womb-mails—emails for expectant parents

Postby Gabby » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:35 pm

Womb-mails—emails for expectant parents

Your baby asked me to compose and deliver the following communications to you. —Gabby

My dearest parents:

Apologies for dumping these in your space all at once. It took me a while to find this forum so as to deliver these incompletes. —listed in no particular order.

    Ouch ouch ouch. Try no movement; just breath together.

    Hey you guys, play nice. It doesn't feel good when you walk around upset with each other. Makes me wonder how you’ll eventually treat me.

    Dad, the other day you were angry and yelled at mom; I didn’t hear you acknowledge the abuse afterwards; conversely (notice my mature vocabulary), Mom you didn't insist that Dad verbally acknowledge his abuse. When you let an abuse pass without acknowledgment it causes all abuse thereafter.

    Oooh, that was nice.

    Euew, that’s bitter.

    Mom, drink some water.

    Hey mom, it doesn’t feel good when you drag around worries and upsets throughout the day. Call dad or your mom to clear or, do the The Clearing Process.

    Hey, what the hell was that? I feel groggy.

    Dad, when you massage mom's shoulders while she's at the sink I can feel it. It feels so very nice. The same thing happened when you massaged her feet.

    H’m, not nice thoughts. They don’t feel good. Don't stuff them, get them out, verbalize them to someone.

    Too loud.

    Mom, you’ve been withholding thoughts from dad. Please don’t. I can tell when you’re not in-communication with each other. It’s scary, like you might be saving up make-wrongs for a divorce.

    I trust you both know that scary TV news reports don’t feel good.

    Dad, you may like punk rock but its angry vibrations don't feel good; sounds like you're dragging around lots of childhood anger that you haven't acknowledged and completed. Share every single instance of abusive childhood anger with mom, ideally, with your own parents.

    It feels so good when you hug each other warmly.

    Mom, the angry slammed door didn’t feel good. It was jarring. I like what you did last week when you patted your stomach and said, “I’m sorry. Did that scare you?”

    Mom, I love your music, especially da kine classic—without words.

    Mom, I especially like the calming drone of your voice when you read to me. Dad, why don’t you read to me?

    Hey, there's something in the space between us, you both are withholding perpetrations from each other. The deceit doesn’t feel good. When I grow up should I withhold thoughts from you like you do with each other?

    Important tip: Once I’m out and need to cry, please please, whatever you do, don’t shush me. Don’t try to get me to stop or to be quiet. Instead, intend that I cry until I get it all out. Part of what my sadness will be about is the way you don’t acknowledge your abuses to each other. It hurts, it’s fearful. It’s not reassuring. Instead, as I attempt to complete my incompletes, encourage me such as, "Tell me more." "Yes, get it all out." "What else?" "Yes, yes, tell me more." —The Aware Baby

    It's been more than a week since you last warmly hugged each other.

    I know when one of you is loving the other and when it’s not there for the other. It concerns me. It worries me. I can tell when you are loving each other and when one of you is harboring a resentment or withholding some significant thought from the other; I can feel myself starting to get nauseous.

    Mom, please drink more water, it helps flush the toxins from us both.

    BTW: You guys can ask me if there's anything that's bothering me, just speak to the belly (a little fetus humor); you'll hear my considerations in your own mind. And, most importantly, verbally share with me your concerns, fears and worries.

    I love you.

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