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Post a comment or ask a question about any of the new letters being considered as replacements for the less often viewed 50 Original Letters. See index of new letters
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Instructions (enter key word) in the above Search field)

Postby Gabby » Wed Mar 30, 2005 9:27 am


Guests may view all the letters without registering.

If you wish to comment on a letter follow these instructions:

Step 1 Register You may use an alias user name but your email address must be accurate. Our Privacy Policy

Step 2 Once you have registered you'll receive an email asking you to press a hyperlink in the email to Activate your registration.

Step 3 Once you have Activated your registration you may post a comment about any letter or reply or ask your own question.

Here's the complete list of new letters


1)The title after the slash / mark is Gabby's preferred title.
    For example: "Woman confused by desires to cheat / Is my deceit causing problem to persist?" Is my deceit causing problem to persist? is what Gabby would have liked the original title to have been.

2) To search the letters for a specific subject enter a key word such as "mother" in the above search field. This will display a list of all the letters with the word mother in them (registration to search is not required).

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P.S. There are three pages.

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