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Free mini-Tutorial
About Lies and Lying

A free mini-tutorial in support of lying from choice.

Creating a marriage vow that precludes cheating.

—If you were not aware at the time that you were lying, "...till death do us part" did that lie have an effect?

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The Clearing Process

The Clearing Process
Confidential Mail Form

If you'd like to get something extremely personal off of your mind this is the place. It's similar to what Catholics call confession. Communication consultants call it clearing or emptying the mind. It works. No advice is given and anonymity is assured.

Use this Confidential Mail Form to clear your mind or to send us a confidential message: It will not be posted for others to read.

If you wish to share thoughts that are possibly legally incriminating, a felony, rape, murder, etc. —click here and enter http://www.comcom121.org/index-16.htm which will bring you back to this page without anyone being able to identify your IP number.  

It's not necessary to concern yourself with spelling, or punctuation, spontaneity is more important.

Begin your message with a code such as ZXCV. Then when you look in the Confidential Mail Entries you'll be able to identify that we got your message.  

Pease answer this question*

Enter first and last three letters of mocmocmoc.
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Enter communication:


What happens once I send my message?

When you press Submit Communication this page refreshes as though nothing happened, however, it did work.

We get your communication. To "get" here means: We intend that you intend to be complete about it. We add nothing, especially no judgments/comments. We post a coded message on the Entries File so that you will know we received it.

For example: "Dear ZXCV: We got your 10/30/03 communication. Thank you." 

Although the process seems simple, it's truly very powerful.

During our Advanced Communication Workshop we do several communication processes that allow people to remember and communicate childhood incompletes. Stealing, lying, cheating, drug stuff, inappropriate sexual activities or thoughts, abusiveness, unfaithfulness, even murder are some of the memories. Yes, you read correctly, murder. Workshops are magical in that they are a safe space to tell the truth.

Here's a sample of a clearing that will give you a place to start from, an example of a mind intent on acknowledging anything that pops up, when it asks itself, "What are you hiding?" or, "What are you afraid to communicate to who?"

Reunion Conversations will help you look for incompletes. These things, held on to, kept to oneself without sharing them, weigh more heavily on your mind that you can possibly imagine. The incompletes occupy space and get in the way of you creating new things you say you want. Once communicated, which is different than told, or said, or talked about. Once communicated the charge that's attached to them lifts and creates space for the experience of communication to take place.

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