Is public posting required for The Clearing Process

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Is public posting required for The Clearing Process

Postby Kerry » Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:54 pm

This was emailed to me. I post it here for everyone to share in the process.

Hi Kerry,

I feel uneasy/uncomfortable posting my clearings to the public. Is willingness to post my clearings publicly essential for the clearing process? If yes, then I have to admit that at the moment I can't follow your suggestion (and therefore get access to any tutorials).

Thank you,


Hi Olga,

I get your uneasiness and uncomfortableness. It what's under your experiences, the thoughts that come to mind, that are of value.

If you have one or more felonies you may use the The Clearing Process Confidential Clearing Email Form for a single perpetration.

Also, in the Posting Instructions for posting to The Clearing Process it reads: "You may at any time request to have the coach delete your post."

However, something doesn't feel right. This communication model is about communicating openly, honestly, and spontaneously, zero withholds. Please, hold off posting or emailing a reply until you have completed your five clearings, one per day for five days in a row. For you, The Clearing Process has now become an essential part of any tutorial for which you may wish to register.

With aloha,


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