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Privacy Policy:


The purpose of our privacy policy is to encourage responsible open, honest, and spontaneous communication.


We do not sell or give your registration or personal data to others.


We contact you by email only in support of registration, webmaster, link, or forum posting problems.*


You may use an alias when registering for the tutorial or the tutorial forum.


Our policy is no private email conversations with us. All emails containing tutorial-relationship content are posted in the Vet's Forum for everyone to see.


We do not contact you to promote, inform, or sell you anything, ever. We do not contact you via email for surveys.


This tutorial works to the degree that you can trust that we will not contact any adult or authority and tell them what you wrote/posted. This is a safe space to share that you have thoughts about blowing up the world or of committing suicide. You need a safe space to express all thoughts without fear of recrimination. Thoughts are merely thoughts. Feel free to use an alias when registering to post on the Vet's Forum.


Community Communications, the sponsors of the tutorial, reserves the right to edit or remove any forum post at its discretion—such as, offensive or abusive posts, business promotions/links, posts advocating or supporting a religious persuasion or political election type promotions.


If you are truly concerned about your identity, first log on to Then, enter "" then | register | using an alias, and then post.

* We reserve the right to reveal your data if we find ourselves in litigation due to a post of yours.


Note: You may request, at the bottom of your post, for it to be deleted once the Tutorial Coach has read it.


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