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Communication-Skills Tutorial for Vets

Difference between talking & communicating:

This tutorial makes a distinction between talking and communicating. Talking causes a problem to persist whereas communication always resolves a problem.

The majority of vets interact with family and friends who have not studied communication; these "supporters" have not learned how to clear (to "get" or to recreate) another's communication. Most well-meaning friends, family members, and the VA staff, accidentally cause a vet to shut down therefore the vet's problems persist; for some the problems get worse. 

This tutorial is about completing ones military/combat experiences through communication; it's about communicating responsibly* (from cause) and pressing through the tendency to stuff (withhold) certain thoughts.  It's about clearing the mind of thoughts so as to create space to generate new more desirable outcomes. Communication always results in mutual satisfaction.

* To do the tutorial you must first read the definition of the word responsible as used throughout the tutorial.

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