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Dear Gabby
Read how a communication-skills coach would reply to some of Dear Abby's  Letters.

Communication-Skills Tutorial for Vets

About the Tutorial: (pg. 2 of 2)

Once you register you'll be presented with a list of stimulating subjects; you'll agree with some things and disagree with others. Pick a subject of interest/concern and share your thoughts about it with the tutorial coach on the private password-protected Veteran's Forum (free registration required—alias name accepted).

The coach will reply to each post and offer feedback. There is no way to pass or fail the tutorial; it's about having some specific long-overdue conversations in support of being whole and complete. You can start and quit as often as you like. Conversations with the coach will result in many problems disappearing, you'll find yourself producing more favorable outcomes.

The tutorial makes a distinction between talking and communicating: One thing that causes an incomplete to persist is talking. Talking about an incident is entirely different than communicating it.  This tutorial is about completing one's military/combat experiences through communication.

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Throughout the tutorial you will see elaborations, or definitions, or  links to examples here in these boxes.

Vet's Forum
Vet' s Forum

Registered tutorial participants may post comments or ask questions.