The Clearing Process:

The most common barriers to the experience of communication are the many thoughts that float around in our mind. In communication jargon these thoughts are called incompletes. They get in the way of us being with others. They become a barrier to communication. They even get in the way of reading comprehension and writing composition.

Students have hundreds of incompletes rattling around in their mind. Most have no one with whom they can share everything. When you attempt to put content where something else exists communication cannot take place.

In advanced sales training workshops sales reps are taught a clearing process. The purpose of the process is to clear the mind of extraneous thoughts so that they are sharp during a sale. Used for unethical purposes the clearing process can be an awesomely powerful manipulative tool. A clear person can experience another's unconscious lies.

The tutorial teaches you a clearing process you can do by yourself, with your partner or fellow teachers, or with a family member. It is very powerful. It works.

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