Throughout your childhood you had hundreds of thousands of conversations in which you and/or another felt good upon completion.

You've also had thousands of interactions in which you or another did not feel good upon completion. These unsatisfactory ones are called incompletes. For many, the commitment to service, to uplifting/forwarding others with each interaction, came late in life. This means that we have accidentally shunned and hurt/invalidated thousands without even knowing it.

There are thousands of interactions in which you communicated verbally or non-verbally in a way that caused another to not feel good. These communications are called abusive. The abusive communications you did not clean up through-to-mutual-satisfaction are still having an effect on each and every communication of yours (and theirs) to this very day. Your integrity will not allow you achieve and sustain the experience of success, health, and love until you clean up these incompletes.

Integrity is acknowledging that you did it. Ultimate integrity is cleaning up the messes.

This topic will support you in locating and completing those interactions in which you damaged another. Until you clean up the messes, you create space for others to do it to you and to those around you. Your aura communicates this and students get it.

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