Communication Models:

The communication model, the way your parents communicate, is the same one they learned from their parents and teachers. It's also the same model your education & speech-communication professors used to teach you how to teach. I know of no university or college speech-communication curriculum that offers Leadership Training or mastery in more than one communication model.

The prevailing communication model used throughout the country (referred to as the Adversarial Communication Model) is the one that educators use to pathetically beg or strike for funds and salary increases. It's used because educators have not been required to master any other model and therefore they have no choice other than to blame and complain.

It's the same communication model that many former "C" students, who now earn $90K per year as a dockworker, unwittingly use to keep teachers stuck at less than $40K. This wage disparity is a profound powerful non-verbal acknowledgment that's not being gotten.  The prevailing model guarantees, yes guarantees, that some students will not turn in their homework on time with legible penmanship.

This topic will allow you to become more familiar with the term communication model. It eventually will support you in creating a communication model that produces the desired results. i.e. Homework handed in on time and neatly. Communication is a function of intention, of intending that another recreate and support your intention.

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