Accurate appropriate acknowledgments:

Whenever a student is failing there is something that's not being acknowledged.

Parents have an implied agreement to support you in teaching their child. When they fail to do so, when they break that agreement, such as when they send their child to school without the homework done (neatly and legibly) they are in a condition called out-integrity.

If you fail to acknowledge the parent(s) the very first time they break this homework support agreement, their covert unconscious sabotage, you will produce more of the same results. They and their child will set it up to get acknowledged for this first perpetration. They expect you to be sharp and on top of things. They will test you to see if you're worthy of their support and respect. If you fail to acknowledge them when they thwart you in having all homework turned in on time you will lose their respect. They will know for certain that you are a typical teacher. "Typical" here meaning, like most of the ones they've had in school—a teacher who doesn't always mean what he/she says.

It is unethical to let any perpetration go unacknowledged. At best an unacknowledged perpetration guarantees more of the same. If you don't acknowledge them they will find other ways to get acknowledged, most often through misbehavior, failing, getting sick, or worse.

The tutorial will support you in acknowledging accurately and appropriately.

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