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Originally written by Kerry for tutorial reference material, rewritten for Communication Weekly which is no longer online.

Thoughts and Communication

Thoughts can get in the way of clear thinking:

Most often what’s running around in the mind are dozens of non-essential thoughts, thoughts that actually get in the way of clear thinking (or even new thoughts that you or no one has thought of before, referred to as creating/thinking outside the box).

There are many thoughts that linger and come around/up again and again. We call persistent thoughts considerations. Often they are things your mind is considering to be possibly true or not true—that is to say, some considerations are outright lies ("The holocaust is not true" or "We didn't land on the moon.") that you have yet to acknowledge as lies. A lie causes a problem to persist. If you’re a salesperson, some of your negative unwanted thoughts may be your reasons and doubts as to why the client might not buy from you. Such thoughts need to be shared verbally with someone (or through journaling) before the sales presentation. I say “verbally” because your thoughts (your withholds) are always being communicated non-verbally. E.g. Your spouse might not know you’re cheating, they just know that you’re hiding something, that you’re not in present-time, that you’ve lost your ability to “be” with them. Love has become but a memory of an earlier experience of love (love has become conceptualized)

Picture a child in school who is unconsciously still at effect of an abusive conversation at that morning’s breakfast table; the child worrying if her family will still be there when she returns home. Such thoughts (incompletes) get in the way of communication taking place between the teacher and the student.

How about a surgeon who is being sued, or is cheating on his/her spouse and is worrying about getting caught, and they are about to operate on your brain?

How about thoughts of fears? I’m afraid I’m going to be fired. I’m afraid my spouse is cheating on me. Should I tell my spouse about an earlier transgression? Or, should I tell my teenager about my premarital sex activities?

How much does any one thought (any withhold) affect the outcome of many endeavors? Thoughts withheld cause breakdowns in communication.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that when you are clear and free of heavy thinking and worries you seem to magically create a parking space easier. Allow that it has something to do with the fact that your mind is spacious and free of considerations which then allows you to create, to manifest your conscious intentions. When you manifest a result you believe you didn’t want it reveals that you were not clear about your intention, that there is an incomplete/withhold in the space (often it’s your integrity at work, reminding you to acknowledge a perpetration you’ve been dragging around).

To master creating something, first learn how to create nothing, the kind of nothing called space. The way to create space is to communicate something, an incomplete, a thought or a consideration; then, place an intention in the space. Another way to create space is to clean out your closet; give away clothing that no longer serves you. Within a month the closet will be full of clothes that more nearly represent you today. Note: This time around, if you have in mind to buy a specific item, resist buying one that is close but not exactly what you envisioned, else, you’ll have a closet (and life) full of less-than-satisfying things. Shopping is an excellent way to practice manifesting your stated intentions.

As a Communication-Skills Workshop Facilitator it is remarkable to watch the effects of the Clearing Processes during our weekend-long Advanced Communication Workshop. It takes an entire afternoon, three-hours of paired-sharing processes. Each partner rotates through hundreds of questions that support one in continually looking into the mind to find life’s incompletes. Upon completion, workshop participants are floating; they feel so good about themselves. Most are in a state of acknowledgement (of being whole and complete), something they seldom experience in their adult life. Their faces look 10 years younger. They are bright, cheerful, clearer, and most importantly, loving.


Thoughts Occupy Space
Thoughts Have Weight

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