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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How does The Clearing Process work?

Who should use The Clearing Process?

  • Absolutely everyone should incorporate this process into their daily life. It is similar to a journal or a diary.
  • For example: Some teachers forget to clear students when the students first arrive each morning. Some students have lingering thoughts about the argument their parents were having at breakfast. One student might be wondering if they will have a home/family when they get out of school.
  • Some students are harboring guilt feelings knowing they didn't do their homework. They are hoping the teacher will once again forget to collect the homework so that they can breath freely for the weekend.
  • Some teachers, instead of clearing the students say, "Listen up. This is going to be on the test." In other words, the teacher is attempting to communicate when there is something already occupying the space. 
Can I be traced?
  • Yes, although it would be extremely time consuming and very expensive.
  • It's most likely that each time you log on to the internet your internet service provider assigns you a randomly-generated IP/DNS number. The FBI could require your ISP to turn over their logs which then could be used to trace your browsing activities but they would need a Federal Court Order.
Is there another way to do a clearing?
  • Yes, The Clearing Process introduces you to the value that comes from clearing and being clear.
  • Clear refers to freeing yourself of a charge, (an incomplete, an attachment, or a judgment) you may have regarding a word, topic, incident, or situation.
  • An example would be if you were spanked with a hair brush when you were small it's possible you have an unconscious incomplete with the parent who spanked you, and with the parent who supported the other in hitting you. That incident effects you to this very day.
  • Here are two other effective ways that support clearing.
How do I know I am doing a clearing correctly?
  • You can tell if you find yourself communicating thoughts that you have not shared with anyone before.
  • You can tell because you know you're doing it with the intention for it to work.
  • You can tell if you feel somewhat lighter and better for having done it.
  • You can tell within a few days because things will be clearer. Thoughts about your past will pop to the front of your mind, indicating that you have communicated a layer of thoughts to reveal the next layer.
  • You can tell if you're experiencing embarrassment and uncomfortableness.
  • If after five clearings it hasn't worked for you then reread the instructions and the sample clearing. It's a process that cannot not work.

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