Sex tips for teenage boys

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Sex tips for teenage boys

Postby Gabby » Mon Oct 16, 2017 5:28 pm

Sex tips for teenage boys

Here's what to look for if you want to have sex:

1) Look for a girl who trash-talks her parents or blames them for the rules and curfews (i.e. "My stupid parents want me home by 11 pm" —an irresponsible blaming badmouthing communication). In other words, if you are aware of a perpetration/deceit between a girl and her parents (indicative of disrespect) then you know that she will have sex behind their backs; worse, that she will non-verbally con you into deceiving your parents rather than insisting that you both discuss your intimacy urges with both sets of parents first. Eventually you will unconsciously set it up for her to deceive you. A girl who will have sex without first introducing you to her parents has been trained, like yourself, to deceive her parents.

2) Look for a girl who doesn't hug her parents, especially her father. If her father is emotionally bound-up (a virtual walking withhold who's clearly uncomfortable talking about sex) then there is unacknowledged non-verbalized fear in the relationship between them—such that hugging her father has become uncomfortable. This means she will search for anyone who will hug ("love") her as her parents used to. Note: The love that most teens profess for each other is not love. Love can't exist in a space occupied by deceit, in a relationship in which there is deceit with ones parents. Such "love" is body-chemically induced, as opposed to love that is generated through open, honest, and spontaneous communication with zero significant thoughts withheld between them.

3) Look for a girl whose no's don't mean no, one who can't be trusted to mean what she says. She will say "no" but not mean it. An ethical girl who, upfront, says, "No sex" means "No sex." However, a con who herself can be conned, wears all the right clothing so as to turn you on, and says the word, "No" but drinks/gets high/stoned with you, and kisses and hugs you, making you beg for sex, will eventually grant you sex—providing you behave well and say the rights words, such as "I love you" —this, because her integrity is so out with her parents (she hides so many thoughts from them) that her ability to hear some lies has been suppressed.

4) Look for a girl whose parents have trained her to be clueless. You know you've got a winner if she, like yourself, will not, before the first intimacy between you, bring up the subject of who pays for what in the event of an "accidental" pregnancy; this reveals that she is a con ripe for the karma generated by cons and deceptions. Most likely she is not studying for a profession, rather she's planning on hooking some boy to "accidentally" impregnate her and then to take care of and provide for her. If you were to ask her how much it costs to raise a child the very first year (including hospital fees) and then through to age 18, she would, like yourself, not have a clue..

5) Look for a girl whose parents haven't insisted that she first bring you home to meet them. A responsible parent will insist upon a sit-down birds-and-bees talk with both teens, discussing who pays for what in the event of an "accidental" pregnancy.

A girl who operates with integrity, one who has no intention of becoming pregnant, simply doesn't con a boy (set him up) to impregnate her. All girls know that some boys will not handle a pregnancy responsibly and ethically. Stated responsibly: Most girls know that they do not have the leadership-communication skills to support a boy in handling pregnancy responsibly—through to age 18.

6) Look for a girl who must be talked into having sex, one who won't, upfront, verbally acknowledge that they are open to the possibility. Such a girl will set you up to beg for sex and then blame you for pressuring her. Usually she will profess "no" but not firmly stop you or declare, "No sex until I have a job. Is that OK with you?"

7) Look for a girl who doesn't inspire you to share all of your thoughts, especially life's perpetrations; one with whom you hide one or more deal-breaking thoughts from her. Such a girl is always withholding one or more significant thoughts from you.

    Note: All divorced couples withheld one or more significant thoughts from each other on their first date. (There are no exceptions to this entanglement phenomenon).
    Note: Most fathers are not in-communication with their daughter, they've become stuck doing their imitation of communication with everyone in the family. Such a daughter will search for "love" because she's not experiencing the love that she used to as a child. I believe this is because most fathers, when they were teens never knew how to get into communication with teenage girls, never learned how to be comfortable talking with girls, so, as a teen on a date they simply drew a girl closer so as to have sex rather than engage is respectful relationship communications. Therefore, they don't know how to communicate with their own teen daughter.
Gabby is not at all against teen intercourse. True intercourse is characterized by open, honest, and spontaneous communication—zero significant withholds, between the couple and both sets of parents.

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