Would you hire you?

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Would you hire you?

Postby Gabby » Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:08 pm

Would you hire you?

Do you have thoughts you withhold from your supervisor(s) and the boss? Are you open and honest in your personal relationship, zero significant withholds (knowing that your personal integrity affects all outcomes including the goals of your organization).

Perhaps some of your fellow employees are ineffective (out integrity) and you silently, non-verbally, vote for another 24 hours of the same, thwarting your boss for fear of . . ?

Myself, I'd hire someone committed to communicating openly, honestly, and spontaneously, zero significant withholds. The ideal employee is someone around whom everyone knows that upsets, disappointments and complaints should be communicated to the person who can do something about it; gossiping around him/her simply would't take place.

I'm writing about this because I know how difficult it is to be working for someone you don't truly admire—someone to whom you can't say exactly what's on your mind. We know that it's unethical to have conned an employer into hiring us knowing we withheld from them a significant fact, which, had we been honest, we would have told the interviewer.

Those who thwart their boss in some fashion have absolutely no choice other than to continue being deceitful—pretending to be open and honest. Even after reading this there's nothing to do. We do what we must (more of the same) until there's no need to do it anymore.

To create space for movement I find it works to clear my mind of incompletes, to acknowledge what's so.

As I approach mastery I'm noticing the wonderful supportive correlation between my personal integrity and results. No longer can I blame an accident, or errors, or thwartings on others or the "universe." The process is leading me to study the phenomenon of entanglement and how it is we magnetically attract others to reveal our incompletes in support of restoring and maintaining our integrity. Specifically, how withholders magnetically attract (or cause) withholders, neither partner having a choice other than to deceive—to withhold a significant thought from the other.

Couples realize that each must admire, respect, and support the other's profession, else, they will find themselves unconsciously thwarting each other, both succumbing to mediocrity. i.e. Few ex nuns marry bartenders (one of many professions that supports unconsciousness).

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