Joyous love? Recently?

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Joyous love? Recently?

Postby Gabby » Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:08 am

When was the last time you experienced joyous love with your partner?

Perhaps you know you love your partner but it has been quite a while since you've experienced the unmistakable experience of joy, respect, appreciation, of teary-eyed ecstasy; if so, all it takes is a single sit-down communication clearing process* to create/recreate the experience of joyous love.

The reason couples stop experiencing love is that they've both accumulated an equal (yes both and equal) number of thoughts they've withheld from each other. Their love has become conceptualized; they know they love each other but they haven't experienced the experience of love lately.

If you are not experiencing love with someone it doesn't mean the love is not there, it's just that you are not in-communication with him/her; specifically, there are some conversations you've yet to have with him/her.** It also reveals that you have yet to learn how to have open, honest, and spontaneous communications, no significant withholds, with your parents—you will bring this addiction to withholding (deceit) into all relationships thereby dooming your partners to relationships with few or no moments of joy and ecstasy.

* If you wish to empty your mind of thoughts that presently serve as barriers to the experience of love do The [free] Clearing Process. Then invite your partner to do it—after which you both can do The [free] Clearing Process for Couples.

* Often couples, on their wedding day, find themselves questioning if it's "real" love. "This ain't what I know it could/should be." This thought is referred to as a consideration; it needs to be verbalized. If the thought is there, then both (yes both) are withholding one or more significant thoughts from each other. For example: If you are withholding a significant thought from your partner then your abusive deceit has caused (yes caused) them to withhold a significant thought from you. I have not found any exceptions to this entanglement phenomenon. —Gabby

Note 1: If your leadership-communication skills are such that another declines your invitation to do The Clearing Process then you have doomed them to a relationship with little or no joyous love; the relationship is all over but the drama.

Note 2: All divorced couples withheld one or more significant thoughts from each other on the very first date. Withholders magnetically attract withholders; again, (after forty years of facilitating clearings) I have not found any exceptions to this phenomenon.

Note 3: All infidelity "victims" began the deceit on the very first date. With abuse there are no victims or bullies, only consenting withholders.


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