Child abuse during pregnancy

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Child abuse during pregnancy

Postby Gabby » Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:40 pm

The vibrations, the emanations between parents, either feel good to the fetus or there is something unsettling, confusing, fearful, or incomplete about the experience, about the communications taking place.

For a child to be born whole and complete he/she must complete each and every incomplete accumulated during pregnancy. When parents are not in-communication with each other and the fetus, the baby has no choice other than to communicate the accumulated experiences of sadness, anger, and fear once they are out of the womb—expressed through crying and objectionable behaviors. Most of a baby's incompletes have to do with the unsettling interactions between parents that were not mutually satisfying.

A fetus can experience when his/her parents are out-integrity, when parents are withholding significant thoughts from each other—the space is entirely different than when parents are being open and honest—zero significant withholds.

Premise: All prolonged crying is about one or more incompletes.

Most of us are aware of the various forms of child abuse by parents.* Most expectant parents are aware of the detrimental effects of sugar, junk foods, mind/mood altering substances, little or no exercising, loud acid rock music, a careless fall or a bump to the stomach during pregnancy—or even fetus-numbing pain meds while birthing. What few are aware of are the effects of the negative, unsettling, scary vibrations, the transmissions (the verbal, non-verbal, physical and psychic communications) between upset/angry parents during pregnancy; each abuse must be acknowledged; i.e. ["I get that what I just said didn't feel good."] or, it will have long-lasting effects.**

For example: Let's say that a couple's default level of harmony is between 7 & 8 most days with perhaps a few high moments of 9 or 10. These harmonious vibrations are communicated instantly (non-verbally transmitted by both parents) to the fetus. Read about Entanglement.

Another example: With partners addicted to withholding thoughts the combined out-integrity of the couple produces undesirable results. Specifically, it is abusive to deceive a spouse, it is premeditated abuse; it dooms the couple (and eventually the child) to little or no joy. Withholders always always attract withholders; both partners are always withholding an equal number of possibly upsetting thoughts from the other. The vibrations from parents who are out-integrity are unsettling, if truth be told, a bit ominous. i.e. "Can I, as a fetus, effectively address my parent's addictions to blame and to abusing and to being abuse, is it even possible, given all I have is my health and the ability to cry? What am I getting myself in to?"

What also gets communicated, again non-verbally, are the condescending judgments, make-wrongs, thoughts withheld (deceits), and voices raised in anger—clearly jarring and uncomfortable.*** I suspect a fetus learns to shut down certain senses so as to survive the daily jarring verbal abuse between parents; this of course leads to lots of angry crying**** and developmental problems later. —Gabby

* The partner of a pregnant woman either inspires integrity, honoring and supporting health agreements, or he/she is an unconscious un-enabler who will, most likely, transition into an unsupportable overweight couch potato. i.e. "I'm not responsible for her breaking the no alcohol agreement." "I try to get her to go for a walk and she won't." —an irresponsible blame statement—such a partner will unconsciously train their child to lie, to withhold thoughts, and to blame. Stated responsibly it would read, "I don't have the leadership communication-skills to create effective agreements or to inspire healthy choices."

** As you've noticed, some babies look awake, alert and radiate happiness while others look dazed, groggy, unhappy, not alert, not aware, they even look drugged. For years, whenever I see an aware baby I ask the mother if she had a drug-free birthing experience, if she took pain meds during delivery. I can't recall a single mother of an aware baby saying she took any drugs.

*** What completes any incomplete, any abuse, is to acknowledge it soonest. "I get that what I just said didn't feel good, that it was abusive."

**** What to do when your baby won't stop crying. In support of consciousness read: The Aware Baby. It's the one book about communication that I recommend; it will either change or reinforce your behavior.

The karmic effects of all perpetrations can be mitigated/disappeared through communication. What one learns in school is how to talk. With talking unwanted problems persist whereas when communication takes place problems are disappeared..

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