The Thank You Process

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The Thank You Process

Postby Gabby » Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:04 pm

Thanksgiving—all day—everyday.

The Thank You Process — a.k.a. An Acknowledgment Process.

So simple—so amazingly effective—immediate positive results. ("results" meaning—happiness, moving flowing emotions of appreciation, an experience of being)

All communications/interactions have a beginning, a middle, and an end. i.e. (create, have, complete).
The way to complete a relationship, an interaction, even with an inanimate object, is to acknowledge the person/object.*

TIP: Place "Thank you" Post-It notes around the house and office to remind you. Eventually you'll automatically think of everything as servants, as supportive relationships.

    —When drinking water: Thank you. (sincerely** addressed to the water)
    —When eating: Thank you. (sincerely addressed to the food)
    —When your computer performs as expected: Thank you. (affectionately addressed to the computer)
    —When you crawl into bed: Thank you. (appreciatively addressed to the bed, the clean sheets and blanket)
    —When a light turns on as expected: (Thank the switch for its reliability and in appreciation to everyone for bringing you electricity)
    —When your cars starts: Thank you. (and again at the end of the trip)
    —With your partner: Thanks for the nice time last night. Thanks for doing the laundry. Thanks for taking care of the car. Thanks for doing the shopping. Thanks for listening to me without offering advice.
    —With plants: Thank you. You're doing so well. I sure do love you. (read The Intention Experiment)
* The way to create space to manifest a stated intention is to complete (to acknowledge) an incomplete (clean a window, complete a project, answer an email, acknowledge a friend).

** "sincerely" meaning, genuine appreciation for all that it takes for you to have ....

For more tips about how to create happiness: The Technology of Joy — Johnathan Robinson.

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