The Affirmations Process

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The Affirmations Process

Postby Gabby » Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:37 pm

Definition of affirmation: 1: the act of affirming 2: something affirmed 3: a positive assertion 4: a solemn declaration made under the penalties of perjury by a person who conscientiously declines taking an oath.

An affirmation can also reinforce an undesireable behavior. "Oops, clumsey me," "I'm sorry" [as in I'm a sorry person.] Such affirmations include an unconscious intention to continue creating accidents so as to be right, that something's wrong with you, that you're accident prone.

Here's an example of a positive affirmation as pertains to behavior change: If you repeat "I am a loving person" (in writing or verbally) 25 times per day you will soon experience youself as a loving person*even though you now know that you have not been. Repeating anything such as a mantra or a chant rewires the neural network of your brian, it replaces the well-worn paths of self-invalidation. The Affirmations Process gives your mind something positive to do instead of its usual time-passing activities that produce more of the same less-than-satisfying results (worrying, thinking about a problem, feeling badly or guilty for something, blaming another, and the biggie, making oneself wrong for an abusive communication **


Select one of the following affirmations. Write it down 5, 10 or more times each day. As you write, "I'm a loving person" your mind will bring up all the reasons (considerations) you have that "prove" that you're not loving. Simply notice the thoughts and continue writing until you get that you are in fact a loving person. The process lays down new neural pathways. Coupled with The Thank You Process, you'll soon find yourself thinking and behaving consistent with being a loving person.

    I am a wonderful person.
    I experience being prosperous.
    Others love and support me.
    I am a loving person.
    I love everyone.
    People like to spend time with me.
    My food supports my health.
    Money comes to me when I need it.
    I am acknowledged by those close to me.
It's recommended that you also compose your own custom-made affirmations.
You can rotate through the above affirmations, a different one each day.

* As you repeat an affirmation it will trigger thoughts (considerations) that have been servings as proof as to why, say, you're not a loving person; just notice the considerations and keep repeating the affirmation. At first, the process might trigger thoughts, incompletes, withholds, or unacknowledged perpetrations that beg to be shared verbally with someone, ideally the person with whom you are incomplete. Use The [free] Clearing Process to bring to the surface incompletes hiding in the back of your mind, thoughts that get in the way of communication.

** For more affirmations and a more detailed explanation.

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