Wedding guests contributing to divorces?

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Wedding guests contributing to divorces?

Postby Gabby » Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:24 pm

Given that 50% of married couples end up divorced it might work to be more selective about whom to invite to your wedding, and as a guest, which weddings to attend.*

    It's understood that most wedding guests do not accept responsibility for the success or failure of a friend's marriage. Most guests deny the effects of their leadership-communication skills; they communicate non-verbally— "How I communicate (verbally, non-verbally and psychically), my integrity, has absolutely nothing to do with the success of your relationships."
Premise: Those we interact with, our family and friends, affect our outcomes (goals, health, happiness, prosperity).

Wedding guest friends who operate with integrity affect us positively. On the other hand, acquaintances who are dragging around life's unacknowledged perpetrations into each and every interaction have a less-than-positive effect on everyone with whom they interact. Why? Because such a wedding guest is out-integrity; he/she does not inspire open, honest, and spontaneous communication—no significant thoughts withheld. In fact, such a guest supports withholding (deceits) within his/her own relationship(s). Such a person can't be trusted to always tell you the truth. i.e. If such a wedding guest eventually becomes aware of a deception between the married couple they can't be trusted to support the couple in restoring the integrity of the relationship; the guest's very silence (their non-verbal communications) becomes responsible (cause) for the failure of the marriage—such an acquaintance will often deny their power.

* If you have been invited to a wedding and have withholds in your relationship with either of the betrothed or, if you have thoughts as to why the marriage won't last, and you continue to communicate these considerations non-verbally, then you become responsible for its eventual failure. Why? Because you do not inspire open and honest communication—your leadership-communication skills support mediocrity.

Solution: Do The [free] Clearing Process and then invite the couple to do the same (the process restores ones integrity).

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