Must-read for Military Academy Cadets

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Must-read for Military Academy Cadets

Postby Gabby » Sat Nov 28, 2015 3:50 pm

Must-read for Military Academy CadetsMilitary Academy Scandals—a story

After reading the ". . . story" imagine if you will, trying to have a mutually satisfying conversation about it with an Academy Commandant. We just know you'd be on the receiving end of lots of justifications, excuses, reasons, and explanations—yes? Most likely you'd walk away from the conversation feeling invalidated and lectured to—instead of being thanked for supporting the commandant's integrity.

It's not that the ". . . story" contains any new or usable truths, it's that by reading it you will expand your understanding of the difference between talking and communicating; it will support you in being a safe space for others to share the kinds of thoughts that make a positive difference.

After you've read the ". . . story" post your thoughts, the stuff that came up for you while reading it (free registration required—alias username OK). Posting will support you in being complete—a thought withheld serves as a barrier to the experience of communication, of consistently manifesting your stated intentions, of love.

To enhance your ability to be a safe space for communication to take place do The Clearing Process for Professionals.

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