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Recreating another's communication

Postby Gabby » Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:54 pm

Dog Recreating Baby's Communication

This 90 second video titled Dog Babysitting Baby was submitted to YouTube by LordDavid6 from Argentina.

It's an amazing example of what happens when one (in this case a dog) recreates another's communication, in this instance, a baby's discomfiture and upset.

Using communication coaching lingo "A" creates a communication and "B" recreates it. As always, if "B" perfectly recreates "A's" communication then "A" no longer has it; "B" has gotten and disappeared it for "A" and "A" is complete—what's left is nothing, referred to as space—space for the next creation/sentence.

A breakdown in communication between two begins when "A" fails to intend that "B" recreate their communication. Typically, "A" unconsciously intends that "B" argue and invalidate them.

Click this link Dog Recreating Baby's Communication (it takes you right to the video).

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