Erectile dysfunction—as a communication problem

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Erectile dysfunction—as a communication problem

Postby Gabby » Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:58 pm

This tip (pun intended) is for men who have experienced erectile problems or perhaps are approaching dependency on Viagra. It’s also for anyone wishing to accelerate the communication mastery process, making the transition from rudimentary high school sex to exquisite intercourse.

The premise here is for you to allow the following to enter your mind—your "self" will dismiss any b.s. and automatically acknowledged any truths. For this tip to be of value you must be willing to temporarily set aside all that you've heard and read, and what you have been told, even what you believe to true about the source of erectile problems.

An erectile problem here meaning, any undesirable change from how your penis used to work, back when masturbation and sex with another was satisfying. If you've always had a "problem" then it's possible this tip will not work for you.

Next, and this is a biggie, you must be willing to allow, however unlikely, that the problem reveals that you have unconsciously been dragging around one or more incompletes into each present-day interaction. In other words, all breakdowns in communication are a consequence of one or more incompletes. We’re calling this a breakdown in communication between you and your penis, more accurately, between your mind and your body.

An incomplete here is any interaction, any communication, that was not mutually satisfying. Most incompletes are left over from less-than-satisfying childhood interactions.

Given the above premise, any breakdown in communication reveals that you and your partner have not been in-communication with each other, rather that you have lapsed into doing your imitation of communication.

The word communication here means: Open, honest, and spontaneous communication, zero significant thoughts withheld from each other. Read: Erectile dysfunction—as a communication problem).

The way to get into (or back into) communication with someone is for you to do The Clearing Process (it's free and it works). The Clearing Process will support you in identifying the incompletes and in restoring your integrity.

Once you have completed The Clearing Process you can then invite your partner to do The Clearing Process after which you both can do The Clearing Process for Couples together. It will create space for you to experience satisfying intercourse.

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