Natural body odors—accurate attractor and compatibility . .

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Natural body odors—accurate attractor and compatibility . .

Postby Gabby » Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:50 pm

Natural body odors—accurate attractor and compatibility indicators.

Most people bring about a dozen unique industry-added scents into the space of others. i.e. laundry detergents, softeners, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, tooth pastes, mouth washes, perfumes, shaving creams, after-shave lotions, hair products, and various cosmetics.

Each part of the body (hair, ears, breath, arm pits, crotches, belly buttons, and toes) emits its unique natural odor which even varies for each person depending upon the time of the day/month, the activities, one's integrity, and most importantly, ones diet.*

Given that few dating couples use the same scented products a bloodhound dog might detect upwards of 25 distinctly different odors swirling between partners. Most scents dissipate or vaporize (but not completely) as the hours/day/event passes.

Most experienced lovers can recall the somewhat off-putting taste of perfume/aftershave alcohol on a partner's neck. Older women who have lost some of their sense of smell will often douse themselves with perfume such that it intrusively wafts into other's nostrils in public places; they are oblivious to the fact that some people are allergic to certain scents, that, and they are unconscious about space. Ones personal space for sounds and smells is 50% of the distance between you and another. To intrude into another's space without permission is abusive. For example: A homeless person might refuse shelter and a shower because they are unconsciously intent on offending anyone who comes near—such is their need to make others wrong—they are driven to live the blaming statement, "Look what you did to me? Here, smell this."

Will the real you please emanate.

Few people are aware that the body emits natural pheromones; these DNA-determined custom-made-for-you fragrances are your natural sexual attractor scents. They are aphrodisiac-like scents that your perfect partner is programmed to respond to favorably; they heighten and enhance the experience of intercourse (all verbal, non-verbal, physical, and psychic communications). Appropriately, others will find your natural scents tolerable, or even unpleasant and stay at arm's length from you, which I suspect is the way it's supposed to work; or as many couples do, simply put up with them.

If you scent yourself up with fragrances (say a vanilla scented shampoo) you are not tapping into the brilliant design of your natural partner-attractor. It could be that you, born with the DNA of a musky-scent, are using artificial lures that attract someone who likes vanilla, and then you wonder why there's no chemistry between you.

Advice for singles:

    Start buying unscented products (after 6 or more washings the scents will disappear from your sheets and clothing). Instead of softener pour Calgon (Amazon) in the washing machine's softener dispenser (it gets out soap that's embedded in the fibers).

    Use Thai Stick underarm deodorant, it retards the growth of odor-causing bacteria without leaving a scent.

    Wear sandals without socks whenever possible so as to spread and therefore aerate your toes.

    Shower with unscented non-soap neutral-PH body wash.

    Brush your teeth with unscented tooth powder and scrape your tongue.

Then go to a party. Just walk around and pause for a few minutes beside each prospect (flapping your arms might help :mrgreen: ) and see who ends up automatically attracted to you. A few dances will allow you both to whiff each other for possible compatibility points. Keep in mind that you most likely will think that your date will judge your natural underarm odor to be somewhat unpleasant, however, if you've washed within 24-hours then that's the real you (Movies often show scenes of a spouse survivor smelling the clothes of a departed one so as to trigger the memories of the pheromones). Of course body scents vary depending upon whether you eat animals.*

Partners who are compatible, who are both animal eaters or both vegetarians, who communicate openly, honestly, and spontaneously, no withholds (harboring withholds create toxins and foul-smelling breath) will tell you they are turned on by each others various natural odors.

Smokers are virtually suicidal, they have yet to commit to life and living (fully tapping into the power of each oxygen molecule) so this odor tip won't work for them. They have yet to learn how to get high through communication. Most smokers are not in communication with anyone; they don't have anyone that inspires them to opt for healthy choices; they have become stuck doing their imitation of communication.

Read: Eat Right for Your [blood] Type. Its premise: Our ancestors didn't travel much and so they usually married within their small communities. Diets of early Europeans (meat and potatoes) and Asians (rice and sea food) are considerably different, so too are their blood types. To optimize health and the body's immunities one might consider trying the diet of their ancestors. You might also try eating food that has been grown locally. The premise: All living things are affected by the area's properties—magnetic field influences, average temps, gravity, distance from the sun, barometric pressures and the chemical properties of its soil and water.

Hygiene tip for men:

Always use a face cloth to scrub your penis. Use an unscented non-soap PH balanced cleanser/body wash. The test for cleanliness is to smell the sudsy facecloth after the first try; you'll notice that there is still a smegma-like odor. Repeat, 2x while at the same time engorging the head somewhat. Rinse thoroughly, then blow-dry your penis and scrotum. Press each testicle against the scrotum sack so as to flatten the moist bacteria-hiding-growing surface area. Women, print out this tip and show it to your partner—few if any mothers, and even fewer fathers, ever taught their son this important tip.

* Some people can tell if another is a meat-eater; others say that sperm of a vegetarian tastes different.

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Re: Natural body odors—accurate attractor and compatibility

Postby Gabby » Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:45 am

Hi wiseminer,

Your post has been deleted due to the self-promotion hyper link, however, thanks for the scientific explanations.


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