Instructions for Gabby's Tips

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Instructions for Gabby's Tips

Postby Gabby » Tue Jun 20, 2006 4:08 pm

Instructions for Gabby Tips:

Dear Gabby primarily serves as reference material for participants of our free tutorials.

From time to time the tutorial coach will refer a tutorial participant to a Gabby letter for an example. In many instances, reading another's post may preclude the necessity of creating/recreating/dramatizing a specific problem. That is to say, one can create, have, and complete a problem (in their mind) as they read about a topic.

If, as you read a letter, you realize that it pertains to you as well, then share your realization verbally with another, or with Gabby; it will facilitate you in being complete.

You may post replies/comments/questions about any post (free registration required), all viewers/guests may cast a poll vote.

Originally we indexed the letters to reflect the ones viewed most frequently, however it became too time consuming to maintain it accurately, therefore most of the letters are no longer in numerical order.

Reminder: Gabby's replies are for the letter-writer or someone with the same problem. If you don't have the exact same problem your mind might find fault with Gabby's reply.

With aloha,


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