Violence in relationship

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Violence in relationship

Postby Gabby » Tue Apr 12, 2005 11:04 am

This post was accidentally deleted and now restored. It was submitted by Brandi.


My name is Brandi Sims , I'm currently married to a convicted felon of multiple charges . I'm been threatned with a 25' pistol and bluntly spoken to, "That before I let you leave me I'll shoot you first then shoot myself along with any witnesses." I've been transported to baptist medical hospital along with my kids because we had an altercation that led me to have to get sterile strips to close the laserations on my right arm. He constantly get off on cases and get them pushed back, because this lawyer allows him to use illegal monies to pay all these extravagant retainer fees, which hinders him to provide for his family. His mother and him make false reports to the local DSS to try to have my kids taken from me but I've found out that he has a pending charge of sexual intent with a minor. I'm so tired of running for my life , being abused in front of my kids physically and emotionally. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabby's Reply

Hi Brandi:

There is nothing I can say that will make a difference. You require emergency police intervention, professional psychiatric therapeutic counseling and legal support and advice.

For your information: My father and mother were not married when I was conceived. For whatever reason they split during her pregnancy. Within months of my being born she put me up for adoption. She had had 9 other children. My point is; that her leaving me with others was the best and most responsible loving gift she could have given me. I can only imagine what it must be like for your children to live with such fear and uncertainty. You are submitting your children to abuse each day you force them to hang around you. Just being in the same room with you damages them severely. Your fear and addiction to abuse are being transmitted via emanations to them hourly. This is not love.

Turn them over to an agency; leave them at the police station doorstep and run, anything, but submit them to another 24 hours of this horrendously evil damage. All people addicted to abuse will tell you that if you don’t free them immediately they will grow up magnetically attracting abusive partners, totally incapable of extracting themselves from abuse, exactly the same as you. Demonstrate to them now what they should do when they are adults when things get this bad. Else, later, when they are adults, requiring years of therapy, and they ask you "why...?" you won’t be able to say that no one told you.

Please do not post again until you can say that you have completed 50 hours of therapy, and that you have not interacted with your husband for any reason*, verbally or in writing, whatsoever, for six months in a row.

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* Exception: That he also has completed 50 hours with a therapist.

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