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Posting Instructions:

Step 1. Register (use an alias if you wish, but you must use a valid email address).

Step 2. Click the "new topic" button and ask away. Select to be notified by email when replied.

Step 3. Wait for email notification that your question has been addressed (usually within 24 hours—seldom more than 72 hours).

If you're concerned about privacy you can first click the free and enter "" (without the quotes) and you'll remain completely anonymous to us. Note: The ads on are not necessarily endorsed by Community Communication.

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PS: The Index for Ask Dear Gabby your own question lists all the questions and the name of each poster. You'll notice that Gabby (in red font color) appears to be the Author of quite a few questions; these posts were received via email or from a form in one of the Tutorials. Gabby copied the question from the email/form and posted it for the asker (some of them anonymous) ergo, it looks like I'm the author. —Gabby

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