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How to create an off-island workshop:

Here's some information about how to bring a workshop to your island, the US mainland, or another country. We call such a workshop an off-island workshop.

All of our workshops to date have been initiated by someone who intended to do a workshop. That is to say, they envisioned being in a workshop and did what it took to manifest it. Not by accident these are the leaders, the activists, the results and success oriented people of our islands. They have made and continue to make a difference in our communities. I'm pleased to say that most have learned to lead effortlessly from intention. A conversation with any of our former Workshop Coordinators is an experience (unlike other conversations).

If you would like a workshop the first step is to let us know. Once we have firmed up the dates, times, facility and sound system rental and other essential costs, you'll then call your friends, relatives, and fellow employees and begin enrolling participants. Ask those you enroll to help you enroll at least one person or give you the name of a friend whom you could invite. Your title would be The Workshop Coordinator. We have a telephone enrollment script that when read verbatim produces a predictable result. Typical enrollment statistics are 90-95%. That is to say, of the number who enroll, approximately 90-95% show and complete the workshop. These are extremely high statistics.

You would be in communication with us and be guided/coached in making the workshop facility reservations, locating a sound system rental company, and making the hotel accommodations for the facilitator and co-facilitators (if any).

Creating a workshop is in itself a workshop. It effects lasting skills having to do with creating agreements, doing complete work, and of course, enrolling (sales) others in your own projects. The process includes daily clearings (a mind clearing process) and personal coaching with the workshop facilitator up through the workshop.

Once we've arrived at that it is realistic and achievable for you create a workshop you will be the first enrollment. You will pay your workshop donation. It will be refunded upon completion of the workshop. That is to say, for your services the workshop donation will be waived.

In 2010 we began providing all of our services on a donation basis. Because we no longer charge tutions the costs for any workshop on/off island are determined by expenses for the facility, the sound system rentals and transportation and lodging costs for the faciliator. Total donation costs for off-island workshops are about $300 per participant for about 50 participants for a Friday evening 7-10pm and all day Sat. & Sun. 9:00am - 10:00pm workshop. Participant meals not included. Air transportation is 1st class. The tuition might be more or less depending upon the number of participants that can be guaranteed. We recommend that participants of nonprofits, such a schools, pay half of their own tuition and the organization pay the balance. This has to do with investment, value for value. An exception to this is if the workshop is done entirely on company time and attendance is mandatory, something we highly recommend. Here's a few typical critiques from some of our workshop participants.

E-mail us for more information about creating a workshop.

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