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Communication Skills Tip
Do you know why education majors are not taught to communicate subject matter, why it is so few teachers know how to consistently cause all homework to be done, and neatly?

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Imitation of communication
How do you know if you have become stuck doing your imitation of communication? —excerpted from the teacher's tutorial.
Tutorials —more
On-line communication skills tutorials—stimulating readings and follow-up message-board conversations with a communication skills coach

Spouse Abuse Tutorial (part 1 free)
...a communication skills tutorial for someone intent on completing his/her experience of abusing or being abused.

Communication Skills Tutorial for Teachers (free)
...a communication skills tutorial for a teacher who has a student who is failing. Free coaching for specific problems.
Communication Skills Tutorial for Managers (fee)
...for managers supervisors, leaders, also relationship couples intent on mastering supportive communications.
Relationship-Communication Skills Tutorial (fee)
...fundamentals of interpersonal communications for singles or couples.

Communications in Support of Health (free)
...a free communication skills tutorial in support of you manifesting your stated intentions regarding health.

Communication Skills Tutorial for Police (free)
...a free communication skills tutorial for police officers and all law enforcement professionals.

Communications Skills Tutorial for Police Spouses (free)
...a free communication skills tutorial for the spouse of a police officer or a law enforcement professional.

Communication Skills Tutorial for Christians (free)
...a communication skills tutorial for Christians in support of communicating effectively.

Ideal Partner Tutorial-Support Group (fee)
...a combination tutorial and support group—creating space for your ideal partner.

About Lies and Lying (free)
...a mini-tutorial. A quick test to determine the lies to which you are most susceptible.

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