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Dear Gabby (last edited 10/9/17)

How many times have you read advice columnists such as Dear Abby or Dear Dr. Drew and didn't agree with their reply?

Here's some letters and the replies just as they were printed in a newspaper. Gabby has added a different reply—from a communication-skills coach's point of view—neither right nor wrong, merely different.

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  1. Estranged husband spreading lies

  2. Concerned about husband's looks

  3. Mistress' death bed visit is not a good idea

  4. Wife tired of husband's sex drive

  5. Sidestep friend's divorce questions with humor

  6. Husband - son communication problem

  7. Fiancé broke no-smoking agreement

  8. Friend blindly marrying a jerk

  9. Am I bound to give diamond back to ex-fiancé?

  10. Shun sister-in-law without upsetting family?

  11. Father & daughter communication problem

  12. Should I stay in this relationship?

  13. Mother doesn't want gay friend at daughter's wedding

  14. How to leave impotent husband?

  15. Will bisexual husband go straight?

  16. Husband won't get vasectomy

  17. Telephone solicitor upset about rudeness

  18. Grandmother concerned about donor deceit

  19. Should I confront wife's adultery partner

  20. Friends won't R.S.V.P. my invitations

  21. Glove ended up inside man's pants

  22. How do I stop wife verbally abusing our son?

  23. Mother-daughter quarrel

  24. Spouse beating herself up over early transgression

  25. Should I tell daughter who real father is?

  26. Separated lover hides relationship from his family

  27. Son's supermarket temper tantrum?

  28. What's wrong with me & my sex fantasies?

  29. Advice re: boyfriend's drugs & gay phone-sex hobby

  30. Are these [Gabby's] responses serious?

  31. What can she do about his beer drinking?

  32. Upset about office signs at new job

  33. Girls team coach requests coaching

  34. Father getting married again creating relationship problems

  35. Presumptuous neighbor out of line

  36. Feeling badly about telling on friend

  37. Boyfriend's call interrupts business meeting

  38. Mom should keep quiet about sex

  39. Guys won't ask me out

  40. Dump unfaithful man

  41. Sever ties only with father

  42. Don't let pre-nup wreck relationship

  43. Mother urged to discuss issue with daughter

  44. Should I ask for hand in marriage?

  45. My sister won't talk with us

  46. Happy except for wife's sex problem

  47. Boyfriend’s online sex search presents a dilemma

  48. Concerns about my boyfriend's friends

  49. Boyfriend talked about another woman during sex

  50. Son wants us to shun his ex-wife

Note: We record the number of viewings of each letter. From time to time we replace letters that aren't read often with new ones. Here's where we are creating/editing/refining the new letters that we are planning to use to replace the least active/interesting letters in the above list. Cast a vote at the bottom of any new letter that you think others might get value reading.

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