#21 Glove ended up inside man's pants / Delightful anecdote

Dear Ann Landers: That letter you printed about the woman whose fox fur became caught in a man's zipper reminded me of something that happened to me back in the '30s.

I took a plane trip back home to visit my mother. In those days, we traveled in our best clothes, with hat and gloves. I happened to be seated next to a man who had had a few too many drinks. When he returned from a visit to the bathroom, I noticed that his zipper was open. Being extremely shy, I didn't say anything.

I finally decided to take my gloves off. When I pulled the right one, my hand slipped and the right glove flew into the man's lap and landed right on his open zipper. I was too embarrassed to reached over and get it, so my glove sat there all the way to Chicago. When the flight attendant instructed us to fasten our seat belts for the decent, the man must have thought the glove was his shirt tail. He tucked it into his pants and zipped up. I almost died.

When we deplaned in Chicago, a woman greeted the man affectionately. I assumed she was his wife. It's been 60 years since that happened, and I still wonder what she thought when he took his pants off and a lady's glove fell out. I still laugh thinking about it. BETTYE HAWLEY, NAN NUYS, CALIF.

Dear Bettye: Thanks for a hilarious story. I can see why it has stood the test of time. It's one your grandchildren will pass on to their children. —ANN LANDERS

Gabby's Response:

Gabby’s Response: 

Hi Bettye: Some things are best left untouched. —With aloha, Gabby

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