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Posting Instructions

Postby Kerry » Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:37 am

Please read The Clearing Process for instructions about how the process works and for examples to guide you.

If during your registration you accidentally chose a username you now think others might recognize you may register again using the same email address but with an alias. If you lose or forget your username or password you'll have to re-register.

    Concerned about anonymity? Click Anonymouse and enter "" (without quotes) and you'll be returned to this page so as to begin the process.
After you have written a clearing and have read it out loud (to yourself, not another person), then post it to the Clearing Process Message Board. The moderator will read (acknowledge - get) your clearing, and reply to your clearing with, ("Hi ____. Thank you. I got it.") Then the moderator will manually delete your clearing and place an X in the Subject field.

When you see that the moderator has acknowledged and deleted your clearing and, you see an X in your Subject field, delete all copies of your clearing on your PC. An X in the Subject field indicates that the moderator has read and deleted your clearing from Community Communications' computer so that there are no backups or copies. Beginning with 2016 all posts are now deleted from our servers.

Important: The Clearing Process is not about paying what you might owe the IRS, or insuring your car, or apologizing to a childhood sweetheart, or telling your father you deceived him; the value that comes from completing the process is simply your willingness to tell the truth, to recall and share your incompletes—to empty your mind of life's incompletes. Cleaning up life's incompletes and perpetrations is a must for individuals intent on mastering communication—or for becoming a support group/workshop facilitator or coach. And, you may find yourself moved to acknowledge a withhold to your partner.

Seven tips:

    1) Do five clearings, one per day for five days in a row.
    2) Please do not ask relationship/personal questions in your clearing posts.
    3) For admin and logistic questions use Contact Us.
    4) For acknowledgments, comments or suggestions (no questions) use the Message Drop.
    5) Please do not attempt to communicate content to the moderator or tutorial coach in a clearing post; instead, after you have completed your five clearings, you may ask relationship type questions using the Message Board.
    6) After completing your second clearing re-read the Instructions and the Sample Clearing, you might notice things you may have missed the first time.
    7) Heretofore unacknowledged incompletes/perpetrations with a deceased person can be communicated via prayer.
If in a clearing you acknowledge a felony or an abuse, keep in mind the coach cannot later,
during a consultation, mention the incident; you must bring it up for the coach to discuss it with you.

Copy and paste the following list at the top of each clearing; the topics will trigger your mind about incompletes. Also, Reunion Conversations will help you remember teen perpetrations.

To whom are you afraid to say what?
What are you hiding from someone?
For what in your life would you like to be acknowledged?
Communicate a resentment.
From whom are you withholding something?
Relate your first lie.
Relate your first theft.
Relate your memory of the first time you were abused.
Relate your memory of the first time you abused another.
Relate the first time you deceived someone.
Relate the first time you cheated.
Who have you not verbally acknowledged for something?
From whom would you like to be acknowledged for what?
Describe how you destroyed a relationship.
Who in your life is consciously or unconsciously hexing you (physically/mentally) because they believe you don't yet deserve happiness because of the way you treated them?
Relate your first temper-tantrum.
Relate your most recent angry outburst.
Who in your life would say that they feel they came out on the short end of the stick in an interaction/transaction with you?
Are you hiding something that you are afraid to share here?

Here's an example of a script for a mother-daughter clearing process.

Note: Beginning 1/1/2016 —posts for the previous years are now deleted. Your old password and user names are still valid.

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