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Postby gregorys90 » Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:57 pm

Hello Kerry, I am pleased to have this opportunity right now. I'd like to be clear on what you said. "Ask questions on the message board" I believed that I our agreement was to no longer ask ANY questions because that would be subtle abusive communication between us since I've revealed that I am at the moment still at least talking to my parents among other things. Is there anything about why you did change your model? Was it that I used Hawaiian slang in my title that somehow made you excited a little? Thats my best guess. Maybe I unconsciously intended you by changing the boring title chain of Clearing #1 to X . I'll revert back to a simple "More Clearing"

I'd like to use this message to christmas tree bill three questions.

How will I responsibly come back into my family and friends?

What are some responsible couples clearing shares and examples?
I feel compelled to share my judging withholds on her that may not be the best thing to do because I could hurt her or make her feel guilty. Some examples "When you share I've been really irresponsible by eating when bored simply because I haven't anything better to do, I want to say" That scares the shit out of me. and OMG you were starving yourself by putting a finger down your throat!?" "I've been withholding that I'd like you to run more and lose weight. " " I would feel more sexually attracted to you if you did." The last two are my selfish desires but it is a withhold between us. Please help me with that. I intend to speak with this to a liscend pyschologist at the College of Charleston on Wednesday.

The last one is about the meeting with the pyschologist. Kerry may I use a copy of all posts in our conversation "our father" to share with him and also how to responsibly estrange oneself? I intend that he know exactly what I've been working on and I feel me as middle man in translation is unpurifying your words that can possibly sabotage my effort on integrity.

Mahalo and much Aloha, Sean

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Re: Aloha

Postby Kerry » Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:55 pm

Hi gregorys90,

It's time for a recess. Please wait three months from your last therapy session before you reply, post, or email. Thank you.

Re: Sharing our communications and tutorial material with your therapist? It would be inappropriate for you to share our coms with anyone; the suggestion raises the question as to your motivation given that you know they are out of context of the relationship you have created with me, and therefore they are not recreateable by another; if you do please add another six months to our recess.

With aloha,


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