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re: removal of clearings

Postby CarolynG » Tue Jan 25, 2005 8:15 am

Hi Kerry,n Thank you very much for removing my clearings. n n I have been following the instructions you have set forth for me, because so far I have begun to see positive results. What is changing my opinion on truthfullness to the communications factor of this website is that it seems when I write about something, you tell me to "do some clearings-and don't respond to my statement." It sounds very much like my father's "go to your room-and don't talk back." If, indeed this is a communications website and not a lecturing website, then I feel it is important to respect each other's communications and allow me the opportunity to respond to your responses. The purpose of discourse is the discovery of what is true, i.e. mutually agreed upon. And isn't that the point of communication? n n I have noticed that you quote Zen stories. I believe that in Asian cultures, the student asks the master if he can become one of his students, and both agree that the student is the student, and the master is the master. While I think your website has alot to offer, there has been no explicit agreement that you are the master and can treat me as such, and I am the student, and I will listen as such. n n In your response to my request to remove my clearings, you acknowledged that you prefer to use them as examples for people to follow, but you still deleted them anyway. There was a covert purpose in mentioning that bit of information after the fact. n n I thank you for having learned how to communicate this much thus far with you. I will continue with my clearings.

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