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The Completion Process (a.k.a The Deathbed Process)

. . . facilitating relationship completion. 

The Completion Process is a free educational communication experience; its purpose is to support you in completing your relationship with someone in the process of dying. If you know someone (referred to as the honoree) who is in the process of dying then you can invite them to do The Completion Process with you. or, you can read about the process and serve as the facilitator yourself.  Any significant communication between you (specifically a withhold) will be of immense value to you both.

The Completion Process is a unique and extremely valuable gift. It's about creating an experience of open, honest, and spontaneous communication, zero significant withholds, with everyone in attendance.

The Completion Process is facilitated by a Leadership-Relationship Communication Skills Coach, at your designated location. A free Text of the Process is available if you wish to facilitate the process on your own.

Concerned about anonymity? Click Anonymouse and enter (copy-paste) "" (without quotes) and you'll be returned to this page so as to begin the process. Read Anonymouse Tip.  

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Tax deductible Donations are accepted for the facilitator's traveling expenses to West Hawaii or off-island.


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