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The Completion Process

About the Process:

Who: The Completion Process is a sit-down conversation with a Process Facilitator, the Honoree, the Process Coordinator (the person who invites the honoree), and the Attendees—anyone the Honoree wishes to invite.

Where: The Completion Process takes place wherever the Honoree wishes—at a residence, a hospital, or a palliative care center. The number of Attendees depends upon the size of the facility the Process Coordinator arranges. (i.e. The number of people a room can comfortably seat the Honoree and the Attendees).

What: The Process Facilitator begins the process by co-creating some rules:  i.e. "Let us know if you'd like to take a break," "Speak up if you hear an abusive communication," and similar preferences. The process usually starts with a review of some of the fundamentals of communication. The Process Facilitator then begins asking each Attendee: "For what in your life would you like to be acknowledged." It takes a few times to hear the question about acknowledgment to get its significance (the mind tends to hide the good and "bad" stuff from itself. Intention brings these incompletes to the surface to be acknowledged.  The Facilitator creates a context that supports open, honest, and spontaneous communication—zero significant thoughts withheld from each other.

The Process Facilitator ensures that the Honoree has a safe space to both deliver and receive all communications from those in attendance. Most importantly, the process supports the Honoree in being completely and absolutely acknowledged for all of life's accomplishments and perpetrations—so they may die without guilt or regret (zero thoughts such as—I wish I had said . . . or, I wish I had asked . . .).

When: Any weekday determined by the Process Coordinator. Start-time is always 9:00am. Allow a minimum of three-hours and an implied agreement to continue for up to another two-hours for a total of not more than five-hours. Anyone may request a break anytime.

Why: The Completion Process is about creating space for everyone in attendance to experience being complete with each other—so that the Honoree experiences the powerful experience of loving and being loved. When all thoughts have been shared verbally what's left is an experience of love.*

* If you are not experiencing the experience of love with someone then you have been withholding one or more thoughts from them—there are no exceptions to this phenomenon.

Prerequisite: The Process Coordinator must first complete The [free] Clearing Process. This gives the Coordinator a direct experience of the value of the process. The clarity that comes from doing such a clearing has an effect on ones ability to manifest stated intentions—such as enrolling the Honoree. A clearing also minimizes the possibility of a breakdown in communication between the Process Facilitator and the Process Coordinator. The premise: Unacknowledged perpetrations (perpetrations that are being communicated non-verbally) are the main cause for breakdowns in communication.

Upon completion of The Clearing Process press Contact so as to coordinate the process (date, time, location).

Click here to read about The Clearing Process.

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