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An Analogy with Physics

Do Thoughts have weight?

Thoughts are processes therefore they have no weight or mass.

Our mind runs rampant with thoughts. Many are fleeting, relatively new thoughts, others are reliable servants, popping up at the perfect time, every time. i.e. Where the door knob is, where I put the car keys, etc.

Other thoughts persist and are unwanted, such as worrying about health or money. Ever think about an ex lover when it's seemingly inappropriate to be doing so? Most people are unaccustomed to communicating openly, honestly, and spontaneously and so they keep certain "significant" thoughts to themselves; it's called withholding. Withholding has an effect on your aliveness. That is to say, some thoughts eventually begin to preoccupy the mind, and as the saying goes, they begin to weigh heavily on the mind. A thought is referred to as "significant" if shraing it would trigger upset or anger.

For example:

All cheating begins with a thought that is not communicated verbally.

All adults who are addicted to pedophilia began with a thought that was not communicated verbally to ones parent during a bedtime clearing process on eve of the day the thought first appeared.

With both of the above examples the perpetrator believes that the truth cannot be told except that the listener would judge them harshly. In a relationship in which there is a safe space to communicate all thoughts such thoughts don't gain in mass and definition for them to become real. In such a relationship both parties discover that they are each other.

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Thoughts occupy space:

Thoughts occupy what's commonly referred to as space. That is to say, if you are a salesperson and you are about to make the most important presentation of your life, your mind would be loaded with all sorts of thoughts. Many of these thoughts are essential to the sales process. i.e. Order of presentation, product data, don't chew gum, don't badmouth the opposition. etc..

Others thoughts are detrimental to the sales process. i.e. "Boy, I'd sure hate to work for this guy." Sometimes it seems as though it's not appropriate to tell the truth. "Boy, his breath stinks." At other times the unwanted thoughts cloud the mind, getting in the way of spontaneity and clarity.

You can begin to see that if thoughts had weight there would be micrograms/ounces/pounds of thoughts. It's easy to tell when someone is carrying around a lot of them, they actually weigh heavily on the person; they have cost the person their aliveness. There's no energy. The person looks preoccupied, grumpy, shut down, sad, dishonest, unapproachable or even mean. We all know at least one truly "heavy dude."  Some old people, who never learned how to share their thoughts, are actually bent over from the load. In some cultures people just don't open up and communicate spontaneously. Even expressions of love are covert and implied rather than joyously verbally/nonverbally expressed—hugging is non existent. Later in life one can see the lack of aliveness (in an old person's face and posture) that comes from such conscious withholds/suppression.

One disadvantage of withholding thoughts and perpetrations is that a person who is in-integrity (all perpetrations acknowledged, zero withholds) can experience another's withholds. They may not know exactly what is being withheld—sometimes it can be misinterpreted to be deceit. That is to say, deceit takes its toll on a person's face. It often communicates untrustworthiness or flakiness. A parent addicted to unconscious lying, who has uttered, "I'll be with you in a minute" and "No candy" and later acquiesces to the badgering, comes across as a person who is "not home." Clearing can alter ones physiology or health from within; done with intention it can restore one's innocence.

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Thoughts can get in the way of clear thinking:

Most often what's running around in the mind are dozens of non-essential thoughts, thoughts that actually get in the way of clear thinking— "Writer's block" is an example. There are many thoughts that linger and come around/up again and again.

We'll call persistent thoughts considerations. They are what your mind is considering to be possibly true or not true—that is to say, some considerations are out-right lies you have yet to acknowledge as lies. If you're a salesperson, some of your negative, unwanted thoughts may be your reasons and doubts as to why the client might not buy from you.

Picture a tight-rope walker who is worrying that he/she might fall on the next trip. Let's not use the word worry. Let's say, one who is unconsciously still at effect of a conversation at that morning's breakfast table.

How about a surgeon who was just sued for everything and they are about to operate on your brain?

How about thoughts of fears? I'm afraid he won't buy from me. How much does such a thought weigh and how much space does it occupy?

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How much does any one thought affect the outcome of many endeavors?

Perhaps you've noticed that when you are clear and free of heavy thinking and worries you seem to find the best parking spaces easier. Allow that it has something to do with the fact that your mind is spacious and free of considerations which allows you to create, to manifest your conscious intentions.

If you wish to master creating, first learn how to create nothing, the kind of nothing called space.

The way to create space is to communicate something, an incomplete, a thought or consideration. Then place an intention in the space. You can produce the same effect by cleaning out your closet. It will fill up, within a year, with clothes that more nearly reflect who you are today.

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As a Communication-Skills Workshop Facilitator it is remarkable to watch the effects of our Clearing Processes during our Advanced Communication Workshop. It takes an entire afternoon, three-hours of paired-sharing processes. Each partner rotates through hundreds of questions that support one in continually looking into the mind, to find the incompletes. Upon completion, workshop participants are floating on the ceiling. They feel so good about themselves. They are in a state of acknowledgement that few have ever experienced in their life. Their faces look 10 years younger. They are bright, cheerful and clearer.  —Kerry


There is also a metaphysical explanation and a Zen explanation.

Metaphysical explanation: A clearing works because I intend for it to work (this works for me).

Zen explanation: A clearing works because a clearing works.

Kerrith H. (Kerry) King
Pres. Community Communications

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