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Reading past a word without knowing its definition clouds the mind, you'll have a hard time remembering what you just read. 

Spouse Abuse—a free communication skills tutorial

—a powerful free two-part education process for anyone intent on completing his/her experience of abuse, either of abusing or being abused. You do not have to be married or in an intimate relationship to do the tutorial (both parts of the tutorial and follow-up online coaching are free).

Part 1: "About the Tutorial" is required reading if you intend to do Part 2. The points of view in Part 1 are in fact compulsory reading for anyone thinking about completing his/her experience of abuse. Reading About the Tutorial supports the reader in making a choice—to opt for an abuse-free personal relationship or for another 24-hours of more of the same (referred to as consciously intended premeditated abuse). At the end of Part 1 there are five statements that ask you to select a Yes or No answer—explanations for each answer are provided.

Part 2: "The Tutorial" is a free online interactive educational process. A tutorial participant reads a few paragraphs of text and then is asked to post his/her comments or feedback on a password-protected message board. As a Part 2 tutorial participant you may ask questions about any relationship/communication problem.

An alternative to the tutorial is to select a topic from one of Dear Gabby's letters.

Press Continue to read About the Tutorial: pg. 1. You are not yet agreeing to do the tutorial.

The title "Spouse Abuse" can be misleading because the tutorial is for any individual intent on completing his/her experience of abuse, either of abusing or being abused.

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